Don't know how to get your discord bot token? No worries! You can simply follow the following steps.

1. Go to the Discord developers portal.
2. Click on Applications in the top-left corner.
3. Now click on New Application in the top-right corner and give your bot a name.
4. Now go to the Bot section.
5. Press on Create Bot and confirm that you want to create a new bot.
6. To get your token, press on the Copy button.
7. Scroll down to enable the intents, these are required for your bot to start.
8. Make sure you select application.commands and bot when inviting the bot.

Did you invite the bot yet?
Does the bot have permissions to be in the channel you're looking in?
Did you reset the token on the bot panel?
Did you make your bot a while ago? Maybe intents are disabled!
If none of these are the problem, please contact support in this server.

A roblox cookie is a way of authenticating (much like a username and password), but it doesn't require any 2faq or human verification. Without a cookie we wouldn't be able to log into the ranking account to perform requests on your group (like promoting someone).

Click here to view our tutorial on how to get your Roblox cookie!

When the bot first joins the server, the slash commands aren't loaded in by default. While we are working on making this possible, you can run the <prefix>reload command and it should load.
If you didn't invite the bot with application.commands it won't have permissions to load the commands in, if this is the case you can run the <prefix>invite command, kick the bot and re-invite it with the provided link! After that you can run the reload command again and you're good to go!

Most likely you haven't set up your cookie correctly or it has expired. Try to do your cookie again and make sure to follow every step carefully. (especially using an incognito window and NOT logging out after getting the cookie)